The share of fuel and tires in the cost of cultivating one hectare of soil can reach 80%. Part of these costs are due to the following overconsumption factors:

  • Неисправность обрабатывающей техники
  • Избыточная влажность почвы
  • Избыточная каменистость почвы
  • Suboptimal relief of the cultivated field
  • Erroneous maneuvers by driver
  • Incorrect speed modes

Robonomica offers a software Robonomica Enerlift Agro , that allows to reduce fuel and tires overconsumption in agriculture.
With Enerlift Agro one can:

  • Continuously identify equipment problems that lead to excessive fuel consumption.
    The overconsumption estimate is determined using a statistical model that correctly compares the movement of vehicles in different conditions
  • Design small terrain corrections to optimize fuel and tire consumption
  • Continuously assess the efficiency of drivers, correctly comparing their actions in different conditions
  • Determine optimal speed and maneuvering modes
  • Quickly track events leading to fuel overconsumption

1. Getting the data

Onboard sensors
(RU) Данные передаются в реальном времени на сервер
ERP & MRO systems

2. Mathematical model

Machine learning for base consumtion prediction functions
Physical model simulating vehice movement

3. Software modules

Field relief optimization module
Driving style improvement module and app
Equipment technical condition monitoring and control module


We will conduct a complex analytics of your agriculture enterprise based on your data:

  • Main factors of fuel and tires overconsumption
  • Plot heatmaps of problem locations of the mine
  • Benchmark topology and properties of cultivated fields using GIS and telematics data
  • Benchmark fuel and tyres consumption of equipment. Determine a problem fleet units in statistically similar conditions
  • Determine potential problems solvable with mathematical optimization