Sorting is a typical industrial process. Sorting that takes into account the appearance of the object can be fully automated using computer vision. Sorting automation cuts personnel costs, reduces scrap and increases productivity.

Robonomica offers software and hardware solution for sorting for:

  • Ore processing plants
  • Metallurgical enterprises
  • Woodworking enterprises
  • Jewelry production
  • Production of ceramic products
  • Other industries

Computer Vision Model

Camera + optics + Ai accelerator
Moving Belt
Picture and results
и database

Our Solution includes:

  1. Analysis of the applicability of automation and assessment of economic benefits
  2. Preliminary collection of images for system prototyping
  3. Design of hardware computer vision system:
    • Lighting system design
    • Camera selection
    • Optics selection
    • Data transmission and data analysis system design
  4. Training a computer vision model (neural network)
  5. Development of additional recognition algorithms:
    • definition of shades
    • definition of symmetry
    • linear dimension estimation
  6. Launching the system into production
  7. Support and additional training of the model on new data